Dumpster Rental Pricing

Find the Right Dumpster for Any Sized Project

With Skeels, reliably delivered dumpsters is our bread and butter. We understand the frustration from having to halt productivity and wait for somewhere to dispose waste. Sharp and rigid materials lying around the work site not only impedes progress and efficiency, but is an accident waiting to happen. The outcome of hardworking progress shouldn’t be a tragedy (or a lawsuit!).

Our experience with a variety of personal, commercial, and construction jobs has led to the availability of dumpsters with different capacities. Choosing the wrong size dumpster can lead to wasted time and money, so let us know if you need help deciding and we’ll be more than happy to lend our expertise.


13 yd - $350

Includes up to 7 days of usage and 1 ton of debris

Perfect for the small to medium projects such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling, this dumpster will fit the budget.

17 yd - $400

Includes up to 7 days of usage and 1.5 ton of debris

Our most common dumpster rental, this will accommodate larger renovations and mid sized projects such as full floors, basements, and extensions.

21 yd - $475

Includes up to 7 days of usage and 2 tons of debris

The largest dumpster we have available, this is suitable for most commercial projects and construction sites.