Junk Removal Service

Convenient Full Service Cleanouts

Moving bulky items inside is one major hassle, moving them back out is another. If an entire dumpster isn’t needed, this service is the perfect fit. With Skeels, professional bulky item disposal can be expected. The Skeels team has worked in a wide variety of residential and commercial environments. We are well equipped to move large appliances, furniture, exercise equipment, and much more.

Heavy items can be dangerous if not handled with extensive care. The seller may have assisted in the installation, but they won’t be found when help is needed to dispose. Leave the task to experienced, insured professionals and rest easy, free of injury and property damage.

Use Cases

Storage Unit Cleanout

If you have a storage unit, you’re already diligent about keeping eyesores out of your living space. However, out of sight and out of mind can quickly lead to your valuable, rented storage filling up.

Whether you’re moving or freeing up space, our professionals and equipment will be right there with you to achieve your junk removing goals.

Garage Cleanout

Garages are great for storing larger items and supplies, but tend to accumulate clutter. Remember when you could still store one or even two cars in it?

While the idea sounds nice, the process of getting started and moving out every item can be daunting.With our cleanout service, a tidy and organized garage is not so far off.

Eviction Cleanout

Whether you are the renter or landlord, evictions are stressful and chaotic. They completely throw off routines and yet there is little time to manage affairs.

Let us step in to relieve some of the stress. We understand the time crunch, and will assist with experienced, empathetic hands.

Foreclosure Cleanout

Foreclosures are a complex and often heartbreaking process. Many of the items aren’t junk, but fond mementos from lifetime use that can’t all be kept.

Allow us to lend our patient and respectful professionals to help get through a sensitive time. 


Junk removal service pricing is based on space filled of a 13 yard dumpster by the eighth. Price includes labor and all associated costs so there won’t be any surprises. If you have any questions or special accommodations, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll gladly assist. 

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